Technology Park Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

TPA Group

Property Type
Master Planned Development
Class A Commercial Office

Services Provided
Landscape Design
Landscape Enhancements
Landscape Maintenance

National Landscape Award
of Excellence, 2013

TPA Group is world renowned for its master - planned developments that provide residents, tenants, and local communities with accessible and innovative environments.

Since 2011, TPA Group has entrusted Yellowstone Landscape to provide comprehensive landscape management services to all of its signature master planned developments, including Technology Park Atlanta.

Meeting TPA’s goals to reduce water use and fertilization requirements, Yellowstone landscape maintenance teams began replacing the original Fescue with Bermuda grass in late 2011. Over 650,000 square feet of turf have been replaced at Technology Park Atlanta and the irrigation system has been converted to exclusively use reclaimed water from the community lakes.

Over 8,000 square feet of annual flowers helped earn Technology Park Atlanta a 2013 National Landscape Award of Excellence - recognizing the site as one of the nation’s premier landscape management projects.


3235 North State Street
PO Box 849

Bunnell, FL 32110

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